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McDonald launched new mobile payment serbice with NFC and QR code

McDonald's is implementing the new mobile payment services with NFC tags and QR barcode technology in  Belgian. It is expected in spring 2014, the Belgian people can download applications to use smart phones to pay. This mobile payment service that McDonald's launched in the European market is based on a more successful Seqr mobile payment platform, which is provided by the payment company Seamless.  this mobile payment platform only supports two-dimensional QR code to pay at the beginning, but with the development of the market, now  the NFC payment join.

McDonald's first pilot Seqr mobile payment platform is in June this year in Kuwait, and Kuwait International Bank work together with them. Belgium is the seventh market that Seamless has entered, they have already preceded in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Malaysia, Romania and other countries.

In addition to paying offline, Seqr also afford online payments, such as bill payment and parking payment, what's more,  it can make transfers with free rate.

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