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Le Pin wine use NFC technology to prevent counterfeit wine

French vintners Le Pin has been looking for ways to prevent counterfeiting wine, however, however it's expensive and difficult to do. Last year, the company tries to use two-dimensional code, holograms, etc., but these programs can be copied by digital, laser or industrial printers .
Now, Le Pin use anti-counterfeit identification technology company Selinko's NFC program, which includes a built-in wine bottle NFC tag, a tag ID for NFC phones to capture applications, as well as a collection of data management server.
Using NFC tag technology, Le Pin managers can not only ensure that each bottle label is genuine, but also to ensure that products are delivered to customers safely .
Slinko of Gwennalle Festraets said that for Le Pin, the benefits of the NFC program can not be copied, because each label have built an encrypted tamper-proof digital certificate. "The whole communication process are encrypted and therefore can not be copied."
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The most frequently used chips for these NFC tags are mifare ultralight, mifare ultralight c,mifare desfire and NXP SmartMX-JCOP. This technology can be used in many different areas such as Access control, Parking meters, Movie theater, Transit ticketing , Bus timetable, Tourist spots, Payment , Guide system, Smart  Poster, School , Medicines , Electronic business cards, Fast data transfers and so on.

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