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smart cards and magnetic cards comparsion

Compared to magnetic stripe cards, smart cards advantages not only sustain increase in storage capacity, strengthening and expansion applications, and more importantly, security mechanisms provided by CPU. Security mechanisms in the financial smart IC card include: authentication, message authentication, transaction authentication, electronic signature, secure messaging, application independence, a set of keys distributed system, key independence, advanced key algorithms and comprehensive key management system.
Since the CPU card passwords and encryption algorithms can be saved in the card, and in addition to password authentication method, with random numbers and some key authentication algorithms, the PDK in the card is prohibited readout. These security cards greatly improves the safety of the system. In addition, the use of internal SAM module to help POS and self-service terminal equipment to complete key storage and algorithm implementation, the security of the system has been further improved, so for the offline transactions, it must have SAM module or security chip, in order to to ensure system security.
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