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Application prospect of RFID technology in pig industry

At present, quality and food safety of China's pork product  does not achieve the importing country's requirements. the biggest reason of this problem is the disease problem, some transmitted diseases, such as swine fever, foot and mouth disease has not been eliminated, our livestock in quarantine and epidemic prevention has yet to join international organizations. We use RFID ear tag for pig breeding, to create an electronic identification system for real-time, dynamic, traceability information management. Once there is an outbreak, you can determine the contamination chain timely, effective control and scientific decision-making, minimizing unnecessary losses. Pig breeding technology is used not only for epidemic tracing but also achieved rearing process automation, with better economic benefits.
But  there are still many problems when marketing RFID technology in the pig breeding industry. Firstly, RFID technology standards are still being developed, it is not mature enough. RFID industry standard involves allocation of frequency bands, coding rules and other issues. Has not yet formed a unified global standard. Secondly, funding issues, RFID related equipment is very expensive. Thirdly, RFID management system increases their costs.
In the long term, when applied after the volume, the cost will naturally decrease. When RFID technology matures, it will promote the development of pig breeding industrial automatically.

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