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RFID in Automatically conference attendance system

1, System Overview
RFID-based smart meeting attendance system is accomplished by having delegates wearing a long-range electronic RFID card, regardless of where delegates pass through the entrance and where his evidence is, the rfid card reader that installed in the entrance are able to quickly and accurately identify each electronic card, enabling participants to automatically sign in, automatic display, automatic timing, automatic statistics and provide query, print and other functions.
2, Application
Business meetings, company annual meeting
Government work conference
National People's Congress
Other large and small meetings
3, Features
Automatically display even from a long distance
Registration and automated voice messaging service
Electronic maps boot functionality can be extended
Auto Registration, Auto Show
Statistics the number of participants, statistics time when the participants sign in
Various reports query, print
4, the system benefits
Previous meeting attendance work mostly through security personnel check the identity of the participants, according to information provided by the participants (work permits, identity cards), etc. for authentication, human subjectivity is relatively strong, the recognition is not accurate.  Meeting organizer or leader can only see the meeting attendance statistics report at the end of meeting. it's  low efficiency, cost a long time. compared to this system, the RFID smart meeting attendance system has many obvious advantages:
(1) Automatic Registration
Participants do not need active credit card, automatic identification and data collection system for attendance.
(2) efficient identification
Quickly identify signal from any direction in space, the identification range up to 0 ~ 100m, speeds up to 100 RFID card per second, 6,000 passengers per minute, the complete elimination of congestion phenomenon. Accuracy rate of 99.99%, can accurately identify the delegates identifiable information.


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