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RFID Laundry Management

Currently, hotels, hospitals, baths and professional cleaning companies are facing the situation that they must dispose with thousands of pieces of clothing, linen handover, washing, ironing, sorting, storage and other things. So, how to effectively track and manage washing process for every linen, washing times, inventory status and linen effective classification is a great challenge.


Use of RFID radio frequency identification technology has enabled laundry management more transparent and improve work efficiency on statistic large quantities of linen to be washed .
The program is sewn a button-shaped (or tags like) electronic tag which we called RFID Laundry tag in every grass cloth , the laundry tag has a global unique identification number that every piece of linen will have a unique identity until linen scrapped (tags can be reused if not exceed the tag life itself). Used throughout the linen, washing management, the RFID reader will automatically record the use of state of linen, washing times.  At the same time, by tracking the times of washes, users can estimate the life of the current linen, provide forecast purchasing number for the procurement plan.

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