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NFC mobile phone will substitute the traditional bus card

Let the people go out without take their wallet  has been the ultimate aspiration for many emerging payment instruments. But in the past few years of the pilot, from the fingerprint payment to QR code payment, the latest sonic payment, all were failed. This enables operators to look again to re-invest in the NFC phone.


In N1 Museum's "Internet City" exhibition, a subway ticket gate machine is very eye-catching. Visitors handheld NFC phones provided by staff, lightly brush the phone, then you can unimpeded walk through the gate, the same scenario also appears in the underground parking.


Earlier, part of the Shanghai Metro Line have tried mobile wallet service. Mobile workers said that currently they are talking with MTR for further cooperation, all lines will be covered at the end of this year. If people want to try to "brush mobile phone" through the subway, they should meet two requirements: First, have a NFC enabled phone. The NFC mobile phone has a addhesive NFC tag on beneath the back cover of the phone. Now, some mobiles such as Samsung Galaxy3, Galaxy4 and Huawei have supported this function. Secondly , you need to go to the communication operator to replace a NFC SIM cards.


Source:  http://www.cards-mart.com

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