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Four advantages of RFID technology in livestock industry

Electronic identification management has been used in Europe for several years and has become a mature technology. It not only used in the automatic internal rationing in the rearing and production statistics application, but also it can be used for animal identification, disease surveillance, quality control and tracking of animal species and other aspects. RFID technology in the livestock industry, the advantages are as below:
1, With a rfid tag implanted into the animal or hang on it to the ear of the animal to make it a  rfid ear tag, the management staff can automatically get real-time data for the animals they feed through radio frequency identification technology. It helps them to master their livestock's health status and control the animal epidemic.
2, These rfid tags are waterproof. Using low frequency rfid tags can penetrate water and animal body, because of it is not sensitive to water and metal, whatever the tags are placed in the animal body or placed on the livestock's ears, the information can be read conveniently.
3, Each livestock has its own unique serial number,easy for management and control status for each animal. At the first time the animal was born, these lf rfid tag was placed in the ear lobe, or implanted to its body. Through precise feeding, it improve the ratio of feed to milk;  control milk quality, improve the quality of milk production,finally it greatly increase the economic efficiency of enterprises.
4, Using RFID technology is good for tracking management. By supporting software management program, it monitor the entire cycle for the livestock from it was born to growth. When the livestock reaches slaughter animal standards, slaughterhouse will strictly inspect the animal's quality files . After stringent checks,the livestock can be carried out to slaughter. These files will then be recorded to prepare for the future" quality traceability. "

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