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Custom Lanyards


Have you ever endured the morning scramble to find lost id card ?  Or, if you are a reporter, have you ever lost your reporters card? And don't worry, such problems are  a piece of cake for we are a professional custom lanyards printing factory to help you solve this trouble.



The Badge Lanyard



The badge lanyards are a star product for Cards-Mart.com, these lanyards are used to attach your id card, reporters card ,or anything else that can be inserted into the badge holder. You can hang the badge lanyards on your neck,and it's very durable you won't lost it easily.



Keychain Lanyards

Keychain lanyards is a good tool to help you find your keys. Most of us have the experience like lost keys when get up in the morning,it may cost you several minutes. What’s worse is the half-blind search for eyeglasses. Now, if you use our 
keychain lanyards, just attach your keys to the lanyards, you will never lost your keys. 


Our lanyards can also be attached to many other things such as cell phones, sunglasses, flash drives and more. We believe we can reduce road rage, decrease employee tardiness, and make the world a less-hurried place.


Lanyards options:


Printing Method: thermal printing, silk printing


Colour: black, red,blue,green,white,yellow,PSM colour and more


Accessories: dog clip, swivel hook,split ring or customized


Length: 250mm,700mm,800mm, 900mm, 100mm or customized


Width: 7mm, 9mm,10mm, 12mm,15mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm or customized


Materia: Polyester, Nylon


Package: 100pcs per bag or as requested

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